Tuesday, January 4, 2011

How to lower a guitar's bridge. (Acoustic)

Happy New Year guys!
Back to posting mode. And umm I have enough of photos since the last 5 posts are all about photos. Let us just relax a while and take a look at my acoustic guitar. My acoustic guitar have a microphone underneath the bridge in which when you plug it in to a speaker, they would produce sound, just like an electric guitar.

Yes I am at home at KM and there are 2 of those guitar in my room.

But then as I play and play, my hands got sore in just 5 minutes. Why is that? Well, the first reason is because the strings are so far away from the frets and the second reason is that the string used is an acoustic string (bought it at 30+ rm) which is a lot thicker than the other counterpart electric guitar string, for an exchange, the sound are mellower and louder.

Today I am going to show you how to fix this problem.

First you need to loosen the strings as loose as possible so that we can take the bridge out.

When the string is loose, you could easily reach for the bridge.

Just gently loosen the bridge sideways first and gently pull it up and let it out. You dont want to destroy the fine acoustic microphone below.

 Those microphone are sensitive to string movement. Without the bridge, the acoustic microphone cannot detect the vibration from the strings above them. Hence again, without the bridge, there wont be any sound coming from your speaker through your guitar. The vibration of the string must travel through the bridge onto the microphone.

 OH! I used a table knife at first to lower the bridge into a desirable height (make sure it is not too low or something terrible is going to happen, the string will sound like a metal) and for the smoothing part, I used a simple nail cutter. Oooh, I wish I have those large 'kikir besi' ( learnt from KHB F3 long time ago ^^ hahaha).

Your mission is to lower the bridge. Doing so, you MUST make it as flat as possible. One is because the microphone underneath needs to have DIRECT contact with the bridge in order to amplify reliably. I tried having a rather groovy bridge and the sound is terrible, there is too much bass and too little mid with absolutely no treble sound. I smooth out mine with some holes but thats fine.

 Put the bridge back into its position.

There there. nicely placed.

Now tighten the string back and tune it back into note. Plug the whole thing into a speaker and off you are to a better song. Lasting longer without any sore hands.

Pls leave a comment on what do you want to know next.

Thanks for reading


  1. great info! thanx a lot... ^^v got Q' here... do you know how to adjust the guitar's 'neck'using an 'L' key...

  2. thanks. do you mean the neck at the tuning? Is it broken? haha. I never but I could try. Just make sure no strings attached. The tension could break the neck, seen that before

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